Please watch our video to learn more about how the  Sweet BB™ Wrap is designed to support your baby and your body during your pregnancy.  

The Sweet BB™ Wrap borrows from traditional Japanese wisdom to support women's health and to promote a safe and comfortable pregnancy.   

The Sweet BB™ Wrap is a long band of fabric designed to provide the support you need for your tummy, back, and hips during your pregnancy.  

The Sweet BB Wrap™ is easy to use! Just fit the 100% soft knit cotton tummy circle over your baby bump directly against your skin, and then wrap the Sweet BB™ Wrap around your body.  With each turn around your body, fold the fabric under your baby bump to create a soft, fabric cradle that gently lifts your tummy and reduces the pressure on your back and hips.  

In addition to gentle, individualized support, the wrap creates a protective layer between your tummy and your clothes so that you can apply moisturizers generously to your delicate skin. New mothers know that moisturizing your tummy and hips is especially crucial in the last trimester when your skin is most vulnerable to stretch marks. You can also wear the Sweet BB™ Wrap after your baby arrives to help your body return to its pre-pregnancy shape!

Sweet BB™ Wrap Benefits

  • Fully adjustable, gentle support where YOU need it most without clips, snaps, pins, or Velcro 
  • Made from natural fabrics that cradle your tummy and take the pressure off your back and hips 
  • Helps you sense your body's changes and think of your baby's arrival as you wrap your tummy 
  • Creates a protective layer between delicate, moisturized skin and your clothing 
  • Excellent support for your tender post-pregnancy body (especially after a Caesarean delivery)