Time for Thoughtful Moments

Pregnancy: one of the miracles of life.  In our busy lives today, it is not always easy to pause for a minute to consider the journeys we travel and the roles we take on, even when our bodies are experiencing phenomenal changes.

Aside from the gentle support the Sweet BB Wrap provides for your back, hips, tummy, and skin, the activity of carefully wrapping your body lets you take time to really listen to what your body needs as it changes. 

Take a few minutes to focus and think about your growing baby.  As you wrap the Sweet BB Wrap around your body and fold it under your baby bump, adjust the position of the wrap to make sure it supports your body where you need it the most.   Breathe and cradle.   Natural support for your baby and your body.     

Embracing Old Ideas

The Sweet BB Wrap borrows from the centuries-old Japanese tradition of sarashi or haraobi, a long cotton cloth wrapped around women's bodies to support the back, hips, and tummy during the last trimester of pregnancy.  To show love, support, and motherhood, the sarashi is a traditional gift from mothers and mothers-in-lay to their daughters. 

We modified and improved the standard Japanese sarashi to include three fabrics that work together to offer comfortable, flexible support.  We collaborated with sewing experts in a small Japanese factory to produce the first maternity support wraps of this kind in North America.

Now mothers here in Canada can experience the benefits of the Sweet BBTM Wrap and other fine products. 



Maternity Traditions Around the World

Sweet BB™ Inc. continues to explore maternity traditions from around the world to bring the best ideas to you.