Thank you! (from H. S. in Kanata)

I just wanted to drop you another email to let you know that your support band has saved my back (and sanity!).

I had gotten lax in using it lately as I was really feeling pretty good.  However, this past weekend with only 9 weeks to go my back decided it was no longer going to be happy with supporting my baby bump!  Hubby and I were up at the cottage and I spent much of the weekend moving from chair to couch, to chair, to bed, to the floor -- looking for something (anything) to relieve my aching back.  Once home it was more of the same until I remembered the wrap and had hubby help me put it on -- it was instant relief!  Since yesterday afternoon I have been feeling tons better and I work it to work today -- it even made sitting in the bus seats bearable. 

I just wanted to pass along a HUGE thank you because right now your product has become my best friend!  LOL! 

It works! (from J. R. in Richmond)

received the Sweet BB Wrap at the beginning of my third trimester, and that was just in time! As my belly grew larger, my back began to ache, and by the end of the day, my baby bump was feeling quite heavy.  The wrap gave me support that eased both my back and belly pain.  It made standing and being on my feet more comfortable.  

I found the wrap was easy to put on, and it adjusted to my size as I grew.  This is a great product, and I would strongly recommend it to pregnant ladies everywhere. 


Extra Support (from Holly in Ottawa)

I've been using the wrap, and it's been great.  I'm thankful to have the extra support.  I find it really helps my lower back and feels like it's holding my tummy up, which is really nice.  I think it is a great product!